Greenhouse Recording Studio is a movement of Art in San Antonio lead by Jake Kreifels and Edwin Stephens. Our purpose is to provide a place where musicians can make records that truly demonstrate their talent and vision. We desire to hear organic, beautiful, well orchestrated, well written, well arranged songs come to life in a way that is marketable and potent. Our believe is that San Antonians have more talent and artistic prowess than the world has yet seen. We hope to remedy this by breathing life into the art of our fellow natives and welcome those from outside who appreciate our culture as well.


Edwin Stephens

Edwin is a San Antonio musician. He is currently the lead singer and songwriter for the much esteemed San Antonio act The Fisherman. Edwin was signed as a young musician to Glassnote while fronting the band Blowing Trees. Edwin has been producing/engineering for many years and was a co-founder of San Antonio’s sound garden. He has incredible musical sensibility and wide range of experience to pull from.

Jake Kreifels

Starting in his early teens Jake fronted the well loved San Antonio Indie Pop band Space Man Spiff. Later Kreifels was a founding member of San Antonio’s own Wild Party with his younger brother Lincoln. Wild Party signed to Fearless records and released their debut record Phantom Pop. Kreifels left the band to pursue a calling in church ministry and later released Wellhouse – Ever Early. Other associated Acts are The Afters and Brandon Heath.